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Save Time

You should be running your business, not your website!

Creating a modern website isn't easy. A good website requires a good balance between design and technology. Once you have a website, your done, right? Guess again. In order for people to find your website, strategic effort must be take to promote your site to search engines such as Google and Bing. We have created a tool set that is designed to boost your website to the top of the stack using these three forms of propulsion:

All of our plans include one year of ongoing maintenance and updates. This means that your site stays fresh and relevant without taking your time to keep it that way. Once a month we will ask you to provide updates (new pictures, new content, new specials), and then we take the time to implement those changes.

You save time by using our time!

Serving You!

Save Money

Creating and maintaining a modern website can be expensive. First, there is the initial cost of creating the website. Then there can be additional fees when you need to make updates and changes. Finally, there can be hidden costs for domain registration, email accounts, and many other items.

Although we can't remove the costs of creating and maintaining a web site, we do our best to reduce the costs and make them more manageable.

Strategy 1: Our Subscription Model

Our subscription model helps you to manage and reduce costs by spreading them out over the coursed of a year. Instead of paying a large, up-front fee for creating the site, followed by small fees every time you need to make a change, we have created plans that include the creation, updates, and maintenance in an easy monthly payment. There are not large up-front fees and no surprises..

Strategy 2: All Inclusive Plans

Our plans include all of the components you need to have a successful online presence. For example, our website packages include design, hosting, domain, and email, and regular updates. Other providers often charge extra for each of these.

You save money using our innovative subscription packages.

Serving You!

The Right Stuff!

Rocket-Boost provides the right tools to get the job done! We offer 3 packages designed to launch your business around the web.

  • Responsive Web Site: A modern website that adapts to both desktop and mobile devices
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Tools to boost your website's presence in search engines and online directories
  • Social Marketing: Tools to engage your customers where they live in the social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

At Rocket-Boost, our goal is to provide a service that meets your needs while saving your time and offering a good investment for your money. We offer a wide variety of packages to meet every level of budget. Our subscription model means you don't have to pay for everything up front. Every plan includes monthly maintenance and updates to keep your site fresh and relevant.

Satisfied Clients

Robert is a pleasure to work. He has built a range of experience and expertise in the industry. Given the opportunity, I will certainly work him again in the near future.

Oscar H.

Robert is a highly motivated and motivating person. Energetic, hard working, respectful of everyone he works with and respectful of company objectives. Robert is intelligent, logical and inquisitive. I look forward to working with him again.

John N.

Robert is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and always puts in more then 100% on any given task. He communicates with clear, professional and courteous manner, plus he is generous to share his knowledge among peers. I would work with Robert on any given project again.

Chuck L.

This team is very detailed oriented. They build programs and databases with expert precision at lightening sped. It was a comfort to have this expertise when I needed it for an online Law University client I had. They are quite friendly and work wonders out of seemingly unsolvable problems.